We offer a diagnostic service for all makes and models.

Do you have an electrical fault? Fuelling problems? Engine management issues? or something that you just can’t put your finger on.

We love nothing more than to solve the puzzle for you.

Diagnostics are charged at an hourly labour rate of just £50.00 per hour.

Our workshop runs the latest Texa diagnostic technology available for Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Triumph, Ducati, Aprilia and many more.


diagnostic 2 Diagnosticdiagnostic 3 Our Tool can:

Erase error codes

Reset service light

Open ABS pumps

Provide live data

Program keys

Balance bodies

and much more.







We use the latest technology for battery testing, how often do find a battery being tested with what voltage is present.

Here at Double O Motorcycles we like to confirm if you need a replacement or recharge by checking your battery.

diagnostic 5

Our tester checks:

State of health %

State of charge %


Internal resistance


When the battery is fitted to the bike we can carry out a cranking and charge test.

Testing available for Acid, Gel, Sealed, Lithium and many more.







diagnostic 4 Our Vacuum balancer can be used on throttle bodies or carburettors.

We use a digital analyser to ensure each cylinder is perfectly in tune.

Our balancer is very accurate, it gives us great help with diagnosing a cylinder fault.

It generates a wave form for each cylinder to help us detect poor valve clearances or unwanted leaks.

Balancing can be measured right down to +or- 25 Mbar.