We are pleased to offer many different services for your brakes.

General maintenance, overhauls and upgrades for scooters & motorcycles.


Are your brakes wearing low?

We are able to carry out a free inspection.

The law states that the minimum wear requirement for brake pads are 1.00mm for standard brake pads or 1.50mm for sintered brake pads.

We can also carry out brake shoe inspection, replacement and adjustment.

Brake discs are checked for wear, all discs have a minimum thickness.

Are you getting an unstable brake pressure?

We can check run out with our roller brake tester or our Dial gauge to find warped discs or drums.

On hydraulic systems we highly recommend replacing brake fluid every 2 years. We check for a moisture percentage within the fluid, this indicates to us when replacement is required.


Has your bike been left stored for a period of time?

Have you tried to wheel out of the garage and found your brakes binding?

We can offer a full rebuild service on callipers and master cylinders.

The most common defect of excessive brake pedal/lever travel is down to a bad caliper or master cylinder.


We offer all types of upgrades wavy discs, calipers, master cylinders, braided hoses, brake pads, brake switches & brake fluid.

A great place to start is to replace those flexi hoses for a set of braided hoses.

brake line

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