Hello and welcome to Double O Motorcycles

Hey thanks for coming by Double O Motorcycles it’s nice to meet you.

Let me introduce myself my name is Sean Taylor, I run Double O Motorcycles.

Let me give you give you some events and background of my life involving motorcycles.

I first became involved with motorcycles in 1990 when my great granddad left my parents some funds for my first motorcycle a Yamaha PW 50, this bike became the start of a passionate life within the industry.


I then progressed onto the Yamaha PW80 which I have many fond memories. Although the one I will never forget was having an accident on and being more upset about the bike damage rather than my broken fingers. I carried on riding and growing into to bigger bikes.

As a boy growing up in family involved with motorcycles, I loved nothing more than being in the garage with Dad trying to help, but mostly just getting dirty. The older I became the more fascinated I became with how motorcycles worked. My Dad patiently passed on his knowledge, and step by step I was soon maintaining my own bike


I began working for a local motorcycle business part time at the age of 15. I attended college whilst working a part time apprenticeship. I completed my college courses and began working full time. I stayed with this employment for 10 years building knowledge on many makes and models. At the age of 20 I became a MOT class 1 & 2 tester. Finally onto running the motorcycle repair side. Sadly due to a knee injury I had to leave this employment for my operation.

Working back from my operation I began employment with Volkswagen as a service advisor while my knee was healing. My knee was now healed and I returned back to a workshop role with a local Honda dealership.

I began working weekends helping out friends and family with there bikes. It came to the point where the garage was always full and more people required my services. This now brings us to my latest Chapter of Double O Motorcycles.